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Mercy Rehab Services, Inc. dba Mercy Kids Rehab is a licensed Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility, CORF, that is Medicare certified. We provide services to clients with Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and many insurances.  We provide outpatient rehabilitation services to both children and adults. Mercy Kids Rehab is licensed to provide services in the Texas counties of Hidalgo, Cameron, and Webb and currently provide services in Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, and the surrounding areas of those MSA zones.  We also provide services in the city of Laredo and the surrounding areas.
The following is a list of some of the services we provide:

  • Therapy for patients with Dysphagia
  • Neurodevelopment treatment
  • oral motor and feeding difficulties treatment
  • social services – every patient is seen by our social worker
  • physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy
  • We treat the whole patient’s needs and not just the diagnosis. We work in ensuring that the client’s needs are met at home as well as the rehab setting
  • We treat each patient individually on a one to one basis
  • We only use licensed personnel to deliver care to our patients
  • Every one of our patients is discussed at case conference to monitor progress and to ensure we are following the patient’s referring MD plan of care.

We decided to open a Pediatric Rehab Facility in South Texas because we understood and continue to understand the great need for quality care that exists in the Rio Grande Valley and the Laredo area. Our strengths include our experience and our knowledge in healthcare and our commitment to hiring only highly trained employees who offer excellent patient services.
 Mercy Kids Rehab is affiliated with several universities in Texas and also in other states and is dedicated to the education of future therapists.  We want to make a difference by making sure that future therapists got the best clinical training so that they can achieve their goals and we are proud to be a part of their training.  Currently every Mercy Kids Rehab facility serves as a clinical site for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy.  We welcome students eager to learn and appreciate the opportunity for our therapists to share their knowledge with the therapists of tomorrow.  We provide all students, who do a clinical rotation in one of our facilities, a real life opportunity to learn from some of the best and most professional therapists in the business.  They receive one-on-one training and real hands on experience, all under the close supervision of a professional therapist who is designated as their clinical instructor.  
Our company philosophy is the following:

  • To hold our employees to the highest standards of patient care.  
  • Careful screening upon hire and intense orientation are provided to agency staff.
  • Quality of care is our priority and we ensure this by:
    1. Evaluating each of our potential patients and working closely with the family and the referring doctor to coordinate the best possible treatment to get a positive outcome for the patient.
    2. Using only licensed therapists and licensed therapist’s assistants to treat our patients.
    3. Ensuring that our rehab technicians do not provide therapy treatment to any of our patients.
    4. Providing all our therapists with the best therapy equipment and materials possible for them to use during therapy treatment.
    5. Designing our facilities in a way that provides the safest environment possible for treating our patients and also for providing a safe work environment for our employees.
    6. Implementing infection control standards and universal precautions.
    7. Having technicians whose job it is to clean all the equipment and materials used during the treatments session before they can be used again for therapy thus providing a sanitary environment for every patient.  
    8. Using cutting edge technology and therapy equipment.
    9. Providing our therapist with documentation software to ensure quality documentation.
  • The level of care we provide is one of our strongest assets.
  •  Excellent communication with hospitals, doctors and their staff, insurance companies and their support system helps us ensure excellent continuity of care and sets us apart from our competition.
  • Employee retention and employee education is one of our priorities.
  • Doctors see the quality of our services through communication and positive patient outcomes and prompt Delivery of service.
  • We continuously monitor feedback from our patients and address their concerns to resolve any issues quickly.  Our commitment to our patients is unrivaled by our competitors and we welcome input from our clients.

We are committed to hiring and retaining highly trained employees, who provide quality patient care, excel in positive patient outcomes, and maintain close and effective communication with the medical community and the patient’s family

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